Things to Do in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a great city filled with history, museums, theatres, games, entertainment and even the iconic Gulliver’s Land. Tourists visit Milton Keynes each year to bask in the fun environment the city offers.

The top things to do in Milton Keynes include:

Bletchley Park

A place of historical importance, Bletchley Park is open to the public daily and is the birth place of information technology. The park played a major role in World War II and was the headquarters for secret intelligence.

The park was the central location for codebreakers that worked behind the scenes to break encoded communications and ciphers.

A mansion from 1711 sits on the 58 acres of land. The mansion was purchased in the event of war and many huts sit on the property, too. the ground floor of the mansion included the Naval, Air Sections and the Military.

Guests can tour the mansion and take a look back at the past, with many desks and old machinery still existing.

The huts along with the old recording systems remain intact for visitors to see.

History buffs must visit Bletchley Park.

Visitors will be able to go into:

  • Codebreaking huts
  • The Museum
  • The Mansion

You’ll even be able to view the bomb through the eyes of operators. Admission is £17.25 for adults and £10.25 for children 12 – 17. Family tickets are available, too.

Milton Keynes Museum

The Milton Keynes Museum celebrates the past and tries to look into the future. The museum has ample accommodations for everyone. When visiting the museum, guests will find that parking is free with ample space even for the largest events in town.

The venue also includes:

  • A robust gift shop with unusual gifts, crafts and other historical theme goods
  • Granary tearoom offers hot and cold refreshments, including children’s items, sandwiches and homemade cakes
  • A picnic area allows guests to eat outside in the courtyard

Nearly the entire venue is accessible with wheelchair and pushchairs able to view the majority of the museum’s collection. Areas that are difficult to traverse are made easier, with an attentive staff that is more than willing to help guests get around.

The museum recently included a Call in at Connected Earth attraction, which goes through the story of human communication, including smoke signals. Guests can walk back into the past on High Street to see how people used to buy medicine groceries and medicines, among other items, before modern times.

Guests can take a seat in the stocks and experience a true World War II air raid in the shelter that is in the wartime garden.

Guests can also play parlour games and transport into Clive Sinclair’s C5 at the museum.


Snozone is an indoor snow wonderland. Guests can escape the heat of the summer inside of this venue where they can ski or snowboard all year long. If you’re a fan of skiing and snowboarding, this is a must-visit.

Guests can stay in shape without stepping foot on a treadmill at Snozone.

The indoor area is available for:

  • Groups and parties
  • Family fun
  • Skiing lessons
  • Snowboarding lessons

There’s also a children’s academy that teaches kids how to ski and snowboard. Disability snow sports are available. Guests can become members, too, if they want to visit the location often.

This is the only indoor skiing and snowboarding venue in town.

Real snow is made inside of the venue, so you’ll need to bring your hat and gloves if you want to stay warm. This is a great place for guests of all ages.

Gulliver’s Land

Gulliver’s Land is loads of fun for the entire family. Guests will want to visit the:

  • Lost World: A dinosaur-centric park that’s filled with 32 animatronic dinosaurs. Guests can ride their own dinosaur, too.
  • Farm Park: The farm park is filled with cute, furry animals for kids to pet.

The main park is filled with 70 attractions, including rides and shows put on daily. This is one of the best days out in Buckinghamshire.

The park caters to younger guests, so this is a park for toddlers and youngsters to enjoy.

Exciting rides await guests, including:

  • The Whirlwind
  • Jungle Falls
  • Flying Carpet
  • Rio Bravo
  • Gully’s Jousting Castles

And so much more.

Guests with special needs will find the park to be accommodating. There are also ample places to dine, including:

  • Gully’s Grill – serving hamburgers and French fries
  • Lilliputian Fryer – a great place for fried fish
  • Ellie’s Jacket Potatoes – a potato-filled experience
  • Arches Costa Coffee – delicious coffee for parents
  • Pizza and Pasta – a small Italian restaurant with delightful pizza

Gulliver’s Land is a place for kids of all ages to enjoy. Families with multiple children will find plenty of group opportunities to have fun. The theme park also holds events that guests can come and enjoy throughout the season. The park transforms in the winter to offer the Christmas Park.