Milton Keynes Theatre

Milton Keynes Theatre sits in beautiful Milton Keynes. The theatre was first campaigned for in the 1970s. After 25 years, the theatre was finally complete and has stood virtually uninterrupted ever since.

Milton Keynes is a premiere theatre offering a variety of productions from Dinosaur Zoo to Dirty Dancing and Swan Lake.

Milton Keynes Theatre

The Theatre’s History

The theatre was designed by Bionski-Heard to include the utmost in technology at the time. The theatre first opened its doors on October 4, 1999. The goal of the theatre was to provide a center of entertainment for the growing city and since 1999, this has been successful.

Operated by Ambassador Theatre Group, Milton Keynes provides a myriad of shows under its roof, including:

  • Dance
  • Dramas
  • Comedies
  • Children’s shows
  • Operas
  • Musicals

Technology Embraced

The building was built on the premises that it would be at the forefront of technology. This has allowed many of the world’s beloved shows to take place at the theatre. A few of the technological marvels seen include the following:

  • Moving Ceiling: The auditorium’s ceiling can be lowered or raised to meet the needs of the production. This allows for true flexibility during a production.
  • Seat Arrangements: The seating can all be changed to meet the needs of the production. This allows for a vast array of seating arrangements and less or more seats as needed.
  • Scale Acoustic Model: The acoustics found within the theatre have already accounted for the difference in ceiling height. Sound quality will be the same whether the roof is lowered or fully extended. This is done through a 1:50 scale.

Even now, the theatre has some of the best technology seen in a theatre.

Seating Capacity

Productions large and small are welcomed at the theatre. The capacity can be changed easily. The low capacity of 900 can be achieved with lowering the ceiling and rearranging the seating. Alternatively, when the ceiling is fully extended, it is possible to fit 1,400 seated persons in the theatre.

Seating is divided into the Upper Circle, Circle and Stalls, which are closest to the stage.

Handicap Accessibility

There are handicap exits available on all levels of the theatre. The theatre features six wheelchair spaces on the Stalls level. There are lifts for all levels of the theatre. Ramps have also been included to the backstage area for guests that want to meet the cast.

The theatre has also included a variety of handicap accessible features that go well beyond seating. These features include:

  • Sound Amplification: An induction loop necklace allows a person with a hearing aid to easily amplify the sound of the production. This is an adjustable control feature that allows for the utmost in hearing at all times.
  • Headsets: Ideal for persons without a hearing aid. Headsets can be used for older viewers or those that have slight difficulty hearing and do not want to miss a second of the production.

Guests that have guide dogs are also welcome within the theatre. There are toilet facilities that provide full wheelchair accessibility.

Before the Show

There are two ways to enjoy yourself when arriving to the theatre early. This includes:

Piano Bar

Open at 6pm. The bar plays piano music, serves premium wines and offers specialty cocktails. Anyone that needs a boost of energy before the show will be happy to know that Barista coffee is served at 7pm at the Piano Bar.

Ambassador Lounge

Guests that want VIP treatment can opt to book their tickets along with the Ambassador Lounge. This will have guests greeted as they enter the theater and be taken to the new, exclusive lounge.

The lounge features to treatments, dubbed Labels:

  • Red Label: Just 15 pounds, this allows for a cloakroom as well as a glass of Prosecco.
  • Purple Label: Available for 45 pounds. Guests receive chocolate, cloakroom, a theatre gift and a half bottle of chilled champagne.

Directions to Milton Keynes Theatre

There are numerous ways to get to the theatre. The following are most common:

By Auto

Guests can come from either the M1 or A5. Directions are as follows:

  • M1: Take the M1 to Junction 14 towards Milton Keynes.
  • A5: Take the A5 to A509 Junction. Follow signs to Milton Keynes.

The theatre is located at 500 Marlborough Gate in Central Milton Keynes.

By Bus

The Central Rail Station stops right at Midsummer Blvd right near the theatre. A taxi can be taken for a short 5 minute drive to the theatre.

The local train station is also another option to reach the theatre. Buses will pick up guests right outside of the rail station wherein they will follow our by bus section.

Milton Keynes Theatre puts on shows that the whole family will love. There is everything from kids shows that will keep even the most fidgety child stuck to their seat to musicals and opera. When looking for something to do in Milton Keynes, the theatre is an affordable option.

You can find the address here, get contact details here and take a look at the seating plan here.