Milton Keynes Theatre Shows and Venues

Milton Keynes offers ample theatre shows for families to visit. The theatres offer a variety of shows, from comedy shows to concerts, plays and musicals to name a few. The top venues in the city include:

Milton Keynes Theatre

Milton Keynes Theatre is the result of a 25-year campaign to bring a new theatre to Milton Keynes. The theatre first opened in 1999 and offers capacity for 900 – 1,400 patrons. Touring productions from across the world come to perform at the Milton Keynes Theatre.

The ceiling can be lowered or raised to match the scale of a production.

Seating in the main auditorium allows for 900 – 1,400 guests. Smaller, intimate productions can scale back their shows further and lower the ceiling for a truly customized experience.

The theatre offers:

  • 6 wheelchair spaces
  • Induction loop necklaces
  • Infra-red headrests

Marlborough Gate Bistro is located inside the theatre and offers low prices for 2 courses. The bistro offers everything from salads to ice cream and great coffee food.

Shows recently playing at the theatre include:

  • The Carpenter’s Story
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie
  • Not Dead Enough
  • Ross Noble

Show schedules are updated often, with new, great shows for the entire family to enjoy.

This is the largest, most robust theatre in town with more than enough shows to meet everyone’s taste.

The Comedy Cow

The Comedy Cow is a true treat for comedy lovers. This is a small, intimate venue featuring a small private room at The Crown. The venue offers a candlelit room, two bars and five comedians every night.

The venue is on Market Square and offers some of the best standup comedy in the UK.

The Comedy Cow in Milton Keynes is an ideal location for families or groups of people who want to drink and laugh the night away. The venue charges just £10 for the entire night of shows, making it a great buy for tourists.

You’ll see truly unique acts hit the stage, including sock puppets on some nights.

A good mix of acts keep the Comedy Cow on top of the theatre scene. There are always new acts with raw talent and seasoned acts that make the crowd burst out into laughter.

The room is cramped, so guests will want to wear something comfortable during their stay. Guests will appreciate the time that goes into each production and will learn that the cramped interior offers an intimacy that is often lost at other large venues.

Chrysalis Theatre

The Chrysalis Theatre in Milton Keynes offers a diverse set of productions to the venue’s stage each year. The theatre brings the community together and has been seen on BBC and Radio 4 Show.

The multi-function theatre has gained acclaim due to the theatre, including cast members that have learning disabilities.

The theatre features:

  • Raked seating for 200 patrons
  • Cabaret seating for 150 patrons

Technical productions allow for sound, projection and lighting to meet the scale of any production. The theatre often hosts:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Cinema
  • Lectures
  • Dance

There is a bar on-site that takes cash only. The sound in the auditorium is exceptional and there is free parking for all guests.

Guests who sit in the back appreciate the smaller venue style due to the ability to see every bit of the show – even in the back. Shows aren’t produced at the venue as frequently as other large venues, so potential guests will want to keep a close eye on any productions that are upcoming.

Innovative, high-quality shows are invited to the venue to appeal to a wider audience. Shows featuring people with learning disabilities are frequent and help to bring the Milton Keynes community closer together.

Marshall Amps Theatre

Marshall Amps Theatre is a hidden gem in Milton Keynes. The theatre offers a great night out, with theatre and charity events held at the venue often. This is an intimate theater with great acoustics and food.

The theatre is tucked away in Bletchley and there is ample parking behind the venue. Guests will find that there’s a licensed bar to enjoy a few drinks, too. Amazing bands play at the theatre frequently, allowing for a fun, exciting venue with some of the best music in Milton Keynes.

Marshall Amps provides the venue, and the entertainment is best described as brilliant.

Milton Keynes is home to a lot of smaller venues, too. Marshall Amps is a small venue, but so is:

  • The Venue MK

  • That Time of the Month Comedy

If you’re in the mood for an upscale production, nothing in town beats the Milton Keynes Theatre. You’ll find another great theatre close by in Wavendon called The Stables Theatre. The Stables is a growing venue with world class music and entertainment.

The venue is hosting the Syd Lawrence orchestra soon and has a variety of events throughout the year, from family shows to comedy, blues and classical music.