Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is back for an unforgettable 30th anniversary tour in the United Kingdon. The show is presented by the one and only Bill Kenwright. Kenwright is a theatre producer for West End and was born in Liverpool.

Considered one of the most successful producers in the United Kingdom, he is best known for his work on Blood Brothers.

The musical was first produced in the West End in 1983 and has since become a sensation. The musical won the Oliver Award for Best New Musical and has secured the spot as West End’s third longest production. Blood Brothers’ original revival spanned 24 years with the musical filling over 10,000 performances.

The revival came to an end in 2012 before it went back on a 2015 tour and is back for the musical’s 30th anniversary.

A cult following has kept this musical at the top of theatre demands with the story being a thrilling adventure that ends in tragedy.

The Story Begins

Lyn Paul takes on the leading role of Mrs. Johnstone in the riveting tale. A seasoned figure in theatre, she has performed in dozens of large scale musicals and films since 2000. She embodies Mrs. Johnstone perfectly as she is heavily in debt and has to make the impossible decision to let one of her twins go to another family.

Her husband leaves her with twins on the way.

Instead of telling her family the truth, she tells her other children that one of the twins dies. Separated at birth, the twins lead a very different life; one is poor and the other is raised by a rich woman called Mrs. Lyons.

Mickey and Edward, the twins, meet by chance and make a pact to be Blood Brothers after they find out that they share the same birthday.

The “mothers” do their best to keep the twins apart before they realize that they’re brothers. Act II starts with the twins at age 14. The two fall in love with the same girl. Mickey’s life takes a turn for the worse when he is put in jail.

A series of unfortunate events leads to the brothers fighting with the second Act ending in heartbreak for the crowd.
It’s a riveting tale of two brothers, separated by birth, that end up in the same space of life before tragic events engulf their lives. Blood Brothers will be touring in 2017 and 2018 to mark the musical’s 30th anniversary.